Our pottery

Our range of pottery is composed of more than 100 models.

Almost all models have several variations with

Different heights and diameters. We also realize

unpublished pieces.


All Tunisian housewives have at least one ceramic service made in Tunisia.

Indeed, the art of ceramics and pottery has existed for millennia at home and has been influenced by the different civilizations that have succeeded: Phoenicians, Romans, Aghlabids, Fatimids, Hafsids, Berbers, Andalusians ... Have left their mark in one way or another.

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A fouta is a stuff that comes from Tunisia.

This woven cotton towel is very trendy, very thin, very resistant and very absorbent.

The Tunisian fouta is known for the softness of its fabric and extreme lightness, it is very convenient to use and carry.

The fouta is a trendy accessory that serves both outside and inside your home.

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Pottery in Tunisia, a unique know-how

Specialist in the importation of Tunisian crockery made by the artisans of Nabeul who is a city renowned for its terracotta pottery, these craftsmen excel in the art of handling clay and clay.

The concept of "handmade" allows to keep a touch of authenticity and know-how specific to Tunisian crafts.