A fouta is a stuff that comes from Tunisia.

This woven cotton towel is very trendy, very thin, very resistant and very absorbent.

The Tunisian fouta is known for the softness of its fabric and extreme lightness, it is very convenient to use and carry.

The fouta is a trendy accessory that serves both outside and inside your home.

Its lightness and its capacity of absorption make it an essential accessory for the swimming, or put on the beach or at the edge of the swimming pool.

The finesse of this Tunisian fabric allows it to dry very quickly and not to hold the sand

The fouta can also dress aesthetically silhouettes using it as a sarong, beach dress ...

The fouta can also be used as a floor mat for picnics or beach towels

The fouta is also a decorative accessory for the interior of your home:

tablecloths, throws of sofas, bedspreads, plaid, curtains ... thanks to the various dimensions (1m * 2m / 1.5m * 2.5m / 2m * 3m)